_MG_9127BiObernai, fair of organic products

It’s been 19 years since the first BiObernai fair trade was held. BiObernai is a fair of organic farming, held every year in September in the Alsatian village of Obernai, 30 kilometers away from Strasbourg. The exhibition brings together as many as 250 exhibitions and more than 22,000 visitors every year.

A fair trade, an organic products showcase, a booming market

_MG_8941The constantly growing number of visitors shows a runaway success of organic products and the growth is expected to continue. The mass media has played an important role by improving the image and accelerating the life cycle of this trend. For enthusiastically consuming organic food people as for neophytes, interesting in organic farming and curious about how it is done, visitors have the opportunity to discover this special universe during three days. In order to understand the multiple dimensions of the organic way, BiObernai brings together regional and international organic products representatives, provides amongst others an information zone, a chat area as lectures during those days.
Consuming organic products becomes a way of living with strong values: authenticity, respect, ethics, solidarity, responsible and collaborative consumption…  

A fair trade in a friendly and convivial atmosphere

BIOBERNAI 16_BD_051BiObernai is a friendly event with a great village atmosphere held in the heart of the Alsace region in the picturesque town of Obernai. The area of BiObernai’s exhibition is divided thematically into zones: whatever your expectations, needs or interests may be, everyone can explore the multifaceted value of the organic products at one’s own pace. Along with the possibility of buying products directly from the exhibitors, a large variety of activities in the spirit of collaborative creativity are proposed to please everyone: lectures, thematic workshops (health and well-being, environment, ecomobility, solidarity based initiatives…), an entertainment program for both young and old (workshops for children, cooking workshops, workshops on well-being…), artistic performances with the use of a touch of humor…
BiObernai became over the years a great place to visit with family or friends, for a day or more.


In 19 years, BiObernai built 50 partnerships.

Number of exhibitors : 250

Number of visitors : about 25 000


Every year, the BiObernai’s exhibition team chooses to give a specific direction to the event by associating a different theme and highlighting unknown facts and information regarding the current societal and economic issues.

2004 : 1st exhibition, launch
2005 : The taste of organic products
2006 : Local food keeps growing !
2007 : Water, Alsace, Life
2008 : Sustainable energy
2009 : Biodiversity
2010 : Organic viticulture
2011 : Animal welfare
2012 : Acting to protect the environment    
2013 : Supportive, Equitable, Local
2014 : Corporate citizen
2015 : Agriculture
2016 : Eco-mobility
2017 : Collective Intelligence
2018 : The most important thing ? the plant !
2019 : What is the essential ?
2020 : Nourish the body and mind                              2021 : All in interrelation                                         2022 : Precious water