The partners who support BiObernai’ have a requisite know-how, a sharp expertise and are extremely innovative in various fields (Human Resources Management, provisioning techniques, production, sustainable development, CSR, Marketing...).


If they have chosen to contribute to BiObernai’s existence and sustainability, it’s because they believe in the values held by the exhibition: sharing, collaboration, social and environmental responsibility, responsible and collaborative consumption...

Driven by the will to build a dynamic process of mutual spiritual enrichment between the partners, through extensive sharing of experiences, ResObernai was created in 2005: the thematic meeting place, place to exchange ideas is not restricted to the trade fair exhibition partners but welcomes every firm committed to a similar approach. Indeed, the core idea is that the company feels comfortable with the values of BiObernai.


Three meetings took place in 2016:

January 21, 2016:

Circular Economy as seen by « Dosch »

BiObernai’s long-standing Partner, the Alsatian society DOSCH ( designs and produces bags and leather accessories together out of recycled materials, mainly arising from other advertising material. Odile Ehrbar and Carole Gassmann, the two founders shared their experiences around a trendy economic model based on the circular economy principle.

March 1, 2016:


When the principle of trade fair is the heart of the business... Cafés Sati is an example

There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start the day? This is how Nicolas Schulé and Patrick Hubscher welcomed us before showing us the Café Sati factory (in Strasbourg). Thanks to them we discovered the specific world of fair trade, a subject close to the hearts of the company.

April 20, 2016:

« Waste Management and environmental protection, the virtuous circle », meeting with the SCHROLL Group managers

At a convivial breakfast meeting, the Schroll Group managers, BiObernai’s Partner for the waste management, let us discover their core business concerns and tasks: waste recovery and recycling, optimize the environmental and technical performance, prompt customers to take part through an innovative program for carbon offset – the e(CO2) program !

2017 Program Underway