Through being a media partner:

  • you will link your organization to a unique well-known event for all interested parties in production, distribution, promotion and consumption of organic food products.
  • you will bind your corporate image and values to the Alsatian organic farming*:  the exploitation of local resources with a view to an environmental and ethical response. Nowadays, many companies based in the Alsatian region defend the principles of environmental protection, social, economic and cultural ethics. Over time, many other accede to this fast developing society’s tendency
  • you increase your brand awareness, show your know-how and the specificities of your business, demonstrate your commitment, values, citizen responsibilities to a demanding and knowledgeable public. Highlight, entertainment event, BiObernai is an essential vector of external communication but also of internal communication, with collaborators which can adhere to the company’s commitment.
  • offer you the opportunity of meeting several thousand people who are interested in this type of consumption, now representing the changing trends towards which the Alsatian consumers move, in the short to medium term.

*Over 22 000 hectares of organic farming are cultivated in 2015, i.e. 6,5% of agricultural land – 616 organic farms (including 37 new in 2015) – Opaba data